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Selective modular Range

AquaNetto is the sole provider of patented, comprehensive, and customised solutions to respond to the needs of each individual client and their application. AquaNetto's selective modular range of solutions enable a combination of treatment processes to be carried out in conjunction with UV-C disinfection, thus assuring the pre-treatment, disinfection, as well as conditioning of water. Discover more about the advantages and benefits a selective-modular solution has to offer you.

AquaNetto's selective-modular solutions are built upon a multi-stake holder approach and involve the collaboration of all concerned parties: clients, technical experts, maintenance, distribution, as well as the final beneficiaries. The units and systems contained in any solution operate in a wide range of environments, centralised or de-centralised. They are ideal for developed, developing, and emerging countries, as well as during emergency situations.  

The selective-modular range of solutions provides state-of-the-art treatment for a wide variety of applications. Central to the units and systems are AquaNetto's patented Head-Piece which enables a number of complementary treatment process to be carried out with UV-C disinfection. Therefore, each bespoke solution provided by AquaNetto is makes use of the most appropriate combinations of technologies to optimise treatment in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and economy. According to the water quality to be treated the selective-modular units can accommodate peripheral products such as filters, or other treatment units and systems. As with all AquaNetto units and systems, the selective-modular range offers the highest levels of safety and reliability and ease of operation and maintenance.

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At AquaNetto we develop the appropriate solution for your specific needs. As per the quality of the water or air to be treated we engineer environmentally-friendly and easy to operate solutions that combine various treatment methods to effectively and efficiently purify water and air..


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